Hemorroid Treatments – Old vs New

Traditional medicines and hemorroid treatments are expensive and seem like a waste of time. The big name pharmaceutical companies on their commercials have testimonials which say otherwise, but shouldn’t we use herbal treatments which have been used for hundreds, possibly thousands of years?  The chemical based hemorroid treatments can sometimes have side effects such as weakening of the skin as in the case of hydrocortisone use and can cause further flare ups. There is also the risk of incontinence in later life from hemorrhoid surgery to the anal region. As a result, a hemorrhoidectomy is only performed on patients whose hemroids are severe or at Grade IV.

Hemorroid Treatments – How Safe Are They?

Most herbal and holistic hemorroid treatments are safe, simple to use and may be taken from the comfort of your own home. Extract of the Japanese Pagoda Tree does not cause any side effects and is around 77% effective in strengthening the vein walls that supply the area around the anus. This is of particular importance to those with high blood pressure or diabetes as the popular chemical based hemorroid treatments are not suitable for these patients.

Although most cultures in the western world would frown upon the thought, and most medical bodies are quiet on the fact, it has been shown that squat toilets, such as those found in Asia are more beneficial for releasing stools and preventing the stress that can lead to hemoroids.

For external hemmorroids, Witch Hazel can reduce the inflammation and swelling. It has been a popular astringent which helps the condition and is a key ingredient in many creams and ointments. As well as creams, medicines and herbal treatments, eating healthier, having a high fiber diet and drinking around eight glasses of water per day to keep you hydrated is a far better way of reducing the risk of developing hemmroids. There are several home hemorroid treatments that will offer relief from the irritation and swelling, but many hemorrhoid sufferers have found H-Miracle to offer a permanent hemorroids home cure for their hemorroid problem.

Fighting Back With Hemorroid Treatments

hemorroid treatmentsHaving a healthier lifestyle and having a better digestive transit will not only help long term relief but it will reduce the chances of the problem re-occurring. No one has to live with the conditions and symptoms of hemmroids, but once you feel the itch and discomfort, fight back hard with hemorroid treatments and curing medication, whether chemical or herbally based, to ensure you can get on with your life. An example of how debilitating the problem can be, the World Series baseball player George Brett, who at the time played for the Kansas City Royals, had to receive medical attention during a game because of the pain from hemmroids. He took the surgery route in 1981 and had them removed.

A colonoscopy is generally the recommended route for determining the problem and whether surgery would be beneficial. Hemmorhoids are not only associated with anal abscesses but rectal cancer too. Therefore, it is paramount to have a check up by the doctor as soon as possible. The important thing to know is that there is a home hemorrhoids treatment that is right for you.  Whether you choose to use over the counter medical treatments from a pharmacy, a prescription medication from your doctor or alternative herbal hemorroid treatments, that is your prerogative.

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