Understanding Hemorrhoid Causes

You and I both understand the pain and embarrassment of hemorrhoids, but what are some of the most common hemorrhoid causes in the first place?

The truth is, there can be several causes.  Being overweight can be a contributing factor in hemorrhoid causes.  Some women develop hemorrhoids when they are pregnant.  In the western world, toilet bowls and toilet seats are entrenched in our culture, but in many areas of the world such is not the case.  When you think about it, when God created man he didn’t place a working toilet in the Garden of Eden, so a contributing factor to hemorrhoids could actually have to do with our toileting habits.

Diets And Hemorrhoid Causes Are Closely Related

But one of the biggest hemorrhoid causes hemorrhoid causeswe have in society today is found in our diets and what we put in our bodies.  Many of the processed foods and refined sugars and flours that we consume today create havoc in our intestinal tract.  Consumed in large quantities, as many of us do today given our tendency to live in the fast food lifestyle, these foods produce stools that are drier and harder than what would be ideal for the human body.

Proof of this, for me, came from a personal experience.  For the past several years our church has gone on a 21 day fast during the month of January.  Now this was not a complete fast, but it was done following the guidelines of the Daniel Fast.  This means all the vegetables, fruits, nuts, lentils and whole grains you wanted, but no sugars, no refined flours, white flour, processed foods, fast foods, fried foods and no red meat.  Oh, and no caffeine.

I can’t tell you how many people lost weight but what was even funnier is how many people talked about the huge change in their bathroom habits.  It made a big difference in the frequency as well as the texture of their stools.  Everything just moved through the intestinal tract easier.  No straining involved.

When you consider that hemorrhoids are a condition much more prevalent in Western civilization and rather rare in Eastern cultures, it becomes more apparent that one’s diet is a major contributing factor in hemorrhoid causes.

When you are straining to pass your stools you are putting additional pressure on the veins around your anus and on the sphincter muscle.  Add to this all the medications that people are on, namely pain medications that are known for hardening the stools, it’s no wonder that many today have problems with hemorrhoids.

Once You Identify Hemorrhoid Causes, The Cure Comes Quickly

If you are one of them there is help available to you in the form of a natural home hemorrhoids treatment known as H Miracle.  It has worked for me and many many others.  I’m betting it will work for you as well.  Say goodbye to hemorrhoids forever as H Miracle not only helps you identify the hemorrhoid causes that are present in your life, but also gives you everything you need to get the best hemorrhoid cures for you.

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