Finding A Good External Hemorrhoid Treatment

external hemorrhoidAll it takes is a hemorrhoid flareup to send you scurrying in search of a viable external hemorrhoid treatment. External hemorrhoids occur when there is too much pressure for the veins that supply blood to the anus. These veins become swollen and enlarged causing huge amounts of pain and discomfort. There are many factors which can trigger or accumulate in the development of hemmoroids. Pregnant women, cirrhosis and obesity are just a few of the problems which can cause the irritating condition.

A simple preventative treatment for external hemorrhoid would be to get up and walk around. Hemorrhoids are more likely to occur in people who work in offices and who tend to sit at desks for extended periods of time. Sitting naturally puts more pressure on the area of the anus which can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids. By getting up and walking around for a few minutes of each hour, you can reduce your risk of developing an external hemorrhoid.

The Problem With Using Creams For External Hemorrhoid

There are natural treatments for external hemorrhoid which can be used. There are literally thousands of over the counter creams or cures which can sometimes relieve the pain and reduce the swelling but they rarely prevent the condition from recurring or treat the area long term. The chemical based products available have steroids and other harmful ingredients which can cause their own problems. By using a natural home hemorrhoids treatment or herbal product, you can usually use them many times per day to relieve the pain and suffering instantly when it occurs.

Why Natural Treatment For External Hemorrhoid Is Better

Natural products such as Witch Hazel have been used for many centuries and are excellent in reducing swelling, discomfort and by giving blood circulation a boost, it can lessen the pain in the rectal area. Not only does the topical astringent help, but it can prevent the risk of infection to the hemeroid.

Witch Hazel can be added to many ointments to include all of its benefits as well as the other ingredients for a synergistic effect. This is where using natural products can be far more effective and can provide quick relief from the pain and discomfort as they generally can be applied together as many times as you want or need. Add it to a warm saltwater bath to double the effectiveness. The warm salt helps reduce the swelling and soothes as well as cleanses the rectal area. Not only is the pain reduced, but the external hemorrhoid is naturally treated, which is better for your body as it is not being subjected to harmful chemicals.

By treating the external hemorrhoid with a natural product you will ease the pain quickly, efficiently and without harsh and possibly dangerous chemicals In addition to using natural products to treat hemorrhoids, it is good to take measures that will help prevent hemorrhoids from recurring. Eating a high fat and low fiber diet or having excessive bouts of constipation and diarrhea can increase your susceptibility to hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids of course cause bleeding and itching which is not only embarrassing but incredibly uncomfortable. Although not everyone will experience the same symptoms, it is generally a hard lump or group of lumps protruding from the anus.

By catching the hemorrhoids quickly and using natural cures, you can reduce the swelling of the external hemorrhoid and alleviate the itchiness and pain. In severe cases, surgery might be an option, but this in itself can result in further problems such as incontinence. Herbal natural medicines are far easier, cheaper and safer to use, even as a preventative measure if your lifestyle makes you more prone to suffer from external hemorrhoid.

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