Hemorrhoid Cushions – A Temporary Help

A hemorrhoid flareup can be a real pain in the butt, wouldn’t you agree?  Okay, forgive me for the pun, but I just couldn’t resist.

hemorrhoid cushionsSeriously though, I know that hemorrhoids are no laughing matter.  In fact, they can be the cause of much suffering and pain.  Until you find a hemorrhoid remedy that works for you, simply sitting can be a difficult task as the pressure exerted on the anal area from body weight as well as the blood flow from the effects of gravity aggravate the hemorrhoid condition.  This is where hemorrhoid cushions could provide you with much needed comfort and relief.

Types Of Hemorrhoid Cushions

hemorrhoid cushionsHemorrhoid cushions are usually in the shape of a donut, allowing the sufferer to sit for longer periods of time while alleviating the pressure on the sphincter muscle.  Cushions can be made of a rubber material that you simply blow up, much like a child’s swim ring used at a pool, but of sturdier construction.  Cushions can also be made of an egg crate material or other foam like material.  Many people find that the egg crate variety offers little support as the foam material quickly crushes down under their body weight.

hemorrhoid cushionsInflatable hemorrhoid cushions provide more support and most users are happy with the results they get from using them.  They are easy to clean with a simple wiping and most come with covers which not only make them more attractive, but are also easy to remove and toss in the washer.

Hemorrhoid Cushions Alone Are Simply Not Enough

Another tip you might want to try for relief is to get up, stretch and walk around for a couple of minutes several times per hour.  This will naturally take the pressure off the area and promote circulation in your body.  Prolonged sitting is contributing factor to the onset of hemorrhoids.

Using a hemorrhoid cushions will certainly help to relieve some of the pain associated with hemorrhoids and following the instructions in this natural cure for hemorrhoids will allow you to put this problem behind you forever.

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