In Search Of A Hemorroid Remedy?

When you need a hemorroid remedy which will provide quick relief and prevent the recurrence of hemorroids, you will most likely think of going to the drug store and purchasing an expensive cream. These creams are full of chemicals such as hydrocortisone and steroids which can cause further or additional problems. Millions of people suffer from hemeroids or piles as they are commonly known, yet they do not realize that using a natural hemorroid remedy, as has been used for hundreds of years is far more effective and often easier to use than conventional hemorrhoid creams that are widely advertised in the media today.

Inasmuch as  many sufferers are embarrassed to seek help or talk about their condition, using a natural home hemorrhoids treatment is an easy and private way of self treating the problem. Two of the most used and effective treatments for hemorroids are Witch Hazel and changing your eating habits over to a more fibrous diet.

Why Use Witch Hazel As A Hemorroid Remedy?

Witch Hazel has been used for hundreds of years. It is a natural astringent which is used to treat hundreds of different conditions. It is used a great deal in Chinese medicine and due to its many uses it is highly regarded as being a safe and effective astringent. It is a very effective hemorroid remedy for pain relief and to reduce the swelling which hemmoroids are well known for.

It is very simple to use, just apply some Witch Hazel to a soft cotton pad and let the soothing liquid seep into it. Place the pad into the freezer and wait around 20 minutes. This helps double up the cooling feeling and the instant hemroid relief that witch hazel can provide. Apply it to the swollen area as often as you like. There are no limits to how many times you can use witch hazel for relief, unlike many prescription creams which you have to wait many hours before you can reapply. Witch Hazel is a great hemorroid remedy as it helps the enlarged and protruding blood vessels to retract, stops the impending infections from bleeding hemorrhoids and reduces pain very quickly.

Your Diet As A Hemorroid Remedy

hemorroid remedyAnother reason hemorroids occur is a lack of fiber in one’s diet. By eating a high fibrous diet, you are not only promoting the regularity of bowel movements but it also makes them easier to pass. Normal bowel movements should not be painful or difficult to perform. If a bowel movement requires a lot of pushing, it is a sure fire sign your diet needs more fiber. Fiber supplements can be easily obtained in most stores, which is very handy if you do not care for foods which are high in fiber such as bran, lentils or green leafy vegetables.

Using a natural hemorroid remedy has an added benefit in that either of these can be bought very easily. It does not require wasting your money on chemically loaded creams which cause their own problems. Witch Hazel and a high fiber diet are two very easy ways to deal with hemerroids and quickly reduce the pain caused by them. As Witch Hazel can be used to treat many other ailments, it is good practice to always have some in your medicine cabinet. A high fiber diet can be easily adjusted to, however if you simply cannot, there are supplements available.  Many have found these two simply approaches to be a powerful hemorroid remedy.